Business & Commercial Transactions

Lawyers in this Practice

P. Newman Bankston
Keith H. Burroughs
Nicholas J. Chase
James M. Cornelius, Jr.
Tracy G. Edmundson
Lewis C. Foster
William H. Kittrell
Samuel C. Louderback
Jeremy D. Miller
Kaitlyn Sell
Jonathan D. Reed
Norman G. Templeton
R. Christopher Trump
John L. Wood
Practice Overview

Businesses of any size and industry engage in a wide variety of business and commercial transactions, both large and small, at every stage of the business life cycle, including transactions related to formation, acquisition and divesture, equity purchases and sales, asset purchases and salesrestructuring, real estate purchases and leases, equipment leases, joint ventures, distributorship and representative arrangements, supplier arrangementspackaging arrangements, licensing arrangementsconsulting and service provider arrangements, debt and equity financing, tax-free reorganizations and share exchanges, 1031 exchangesowner relations and compensation, ownership changes and new owner admission, business succession planning, business dissolution and liquidation, and various other general business matters.   

At Egerton McAfee, attorneys practicing in the Business & Commercial Transactions practice group are skilled transactional and business attorneys who have experience representing business clients ranging from small, closely held businesses to large, publicly traded businesses in diverse array of transactions.  These attorneys are therefore uniquely situated to provide full-service counsel to business entities, business owners, and prospective business owners as they consider and engage in any business and commercial transaction. 

Egerton McAfee attorneys practicing in this practice area have the expertise to timely and efficiently provide guidance during all stages of a transaction, including negotiation of major deal points, preparation of transaction documents, and closing.  Our attorneys proactively address any issues or concerns that may arise during a transaction and counsel clients on potential risks and benefits associated with particular transaction terms and with a transaction generally.  Throughout all stages of a transactionwe deliver candid advice to clients that incorporates not just legal considerations but also practical business considerations. 

Attorneys in the Business & Commercial Transactions practice area also have a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon that spans several different businesses and industries such as manufacturing, banking and financial, professional services, insurance, healthcare practices, chemical manufacturing, medical equipment manufacturing and distribution, transportation and logistics, real estate development and management, construction and contracting, software development, professional services, and retail goods and services.  Given this wide breadth of experiences, an attorney working in this practice area most likely has relevant transactional experience in a client’s specific industry, which makes Egerton McAfee well-positioned to provide both legal and practical insight within the context of any business and commercial transaction. 

Additionally, as necessary and appropriate based on the issues implicated in a particular business and commercial transaction, attorneys in the Business & Commercial practice area have the ability to collaborate with, and leverage the knowledge and expertise of attorneys in the firm’s other practice areas such as the Banking & Commercial Lending/Borrowing, Contracts, Corporate Finance & Securities, Healthcare, Intellectual Property, Labor & Employment, Real Estate, and Taxation.  The multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience of the attorneys within Egerton McAfee’s various practice areas enable the firm to provide comprehensive representation and to address sophisticated and novel issues that may arise in the course of a transaction. 

Egerton McAfee has had the pleasure of representing numerous clients in a wide range of business and commercial transactions throughout its lengthy history.  Egerton McAfee attorneys have always approached such representations with a client-driven mindset.  Attorneys within the Business & Commercial Transactions practice area look forward to continuing this client-driven legacy in the context of your business and commercial transaction.