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June 20, 2023


Throwback Thursday – FREEZING BUT NOT FROZEN by Melissa Carrasco


In the February 2022 edition of the Knoxville Bar Association’s DICTA Publication, Melissa Carrasco tells the parallel stories of Marjorie Post and Clarence Birdseye. Marjorie Post inherited the Postum Cereal Company after her father’s abrupt passing. She was one of very few women in the workforce, and Marjorie was running a multi-million dollar business. Meanwhile, Clarence Birdseye set out to imitate the freezing process that he had observed from the Inuit during his fur trading days in the Arctic. The problem he faced was that the majority of households did not currently own a freezer.


Clarence and Marjorie both faced uncertainty in their businesses. They crossed paths when Marjorie purchased Clarence’s flash freezing company. They both found eventual success, because they were “willing to look for something better rather than being frozen in the past.”


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