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May 1, 2023


May DICTA Publication: DISAPPEARED BUT DEVOTED by Melissa Carrasco


In the May 2023 edition of the Knoxville Bar Association’s DICTA Publication, Melissa Carrasco recounts of the bravery and sacrifice Father Kapaun displayed when he disappeared on the Korean War Front. Father Kapaun served as a member of the1st Calvary Division during the Korean War. In January 1950, Father Kapaun and the remaining men in his unit were taken as prisoners’ of war and “disappeared.”  He lived in captivity for seven months and never stopped serving the congregation of men that were imprisoned with him until malnutrition and pneumonia brought him to death.

Melissa states, “on this Memorial Day, may we take some time to remember Chaplain Kapaun and the many other service men and women who may have disappeared, but remain devoted.”


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