Insurance & Risk Management Strategies

Lawyers in this Practice

Nicholas J. Chase
James M. Cornelius, Jr.
Tracy G. Edmundson
Lewis C. Foster
Ron T. Hill
Rockforde D. King
William H. Kittrell
Jeremy D. Miller
Reuben N. Pelot IV
Norman G. Templeton
Practice Overview
Egerton McAfee attorneys in the Insurance and Risk Management practice group have a wealth of experience in advising clients with respect to insurance coverage issues and insurance claims.  The attorneys who work in this practice area regularly advise individuals and companies, from small closely held companies all the way up to large publicly held companies, in a wide variety of insurance and risk management matters, including but not limited to:
• Coverage Determinations (determinations as to whether or not an activity or claim is covered by insurance) 
• Coverage Litigation (litigation establishing whether or not an activity or claim is covered by insurance)
• Fidelity and Surety Bond Matters (assisting clients in obtaining appropriate payment, performance and fidelity bonds, and assisting clients in pursuing claims against those types of bonds)
• Insurance Defense Litigation (defense of insureds against personal injury, property damage and product liability claims under their insurance policies)
• Risk Management Advice (review and advice with respect to a client’s particular business activities and contracts in conjunction with its existing insurance coverages)
• Worker’s Compensation Litigation (defense of employers against employee claims under worker’s compensation insurance policies)